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AW-ZP series online plasma cleaning machine
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AW-ZP series online plasma cleaning machine

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Product Features

■Mainly for the lead frame characteristics, equipped with automatic access, transmission, feeding and other auxiliary functions.

■High automation, reducing human factors and reducing secondary pollution.

■Cost-effective, compatible with different material cleaning through component conversion.

■Short cleaning time, no spatter damage and high humidity damage.

■Screen animation shows full line working status, real-time monitoring during operation.

■Equipment parameter hierarchical management to improve operational safety.

■Complete fault alarm function, prompting fault items and faulty stations, easy to repair.

Model AW-ZP04 AW-ZP04A
Dimensions (without alarm beacon) 1650(W)×1000(D)×1650(H)mm
Reaction chamber size (aluminum alloy) 280(W)×450(D)×50(H)mm 350(W)×450(D)×50(H)mm
Plasma generator Frequency 13.56MHz, power 0-600W adjustable, automatic impedance matching
Pneumatic system

Standard configuration 2 way (O2\Ar/H2), MFC mass flow meter control, gas flow 0-200ml/min adjustable

Control System Touch screen + PLC automatic control, manual + automatic two operating modes
Compatible chip size Length 150-270mm, width 30-80mm Length 105-155mm, width 30-80mm
Cleaning efficiency
4 4 pieces, UPH about 500 pieces / hour

4 lanes, 8 pieces, UPH about 1000 pieces / hour

For product technology Integrated circuit IC packaging process LED packaging process
Flexible design according to customer needs


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