2022 New Year greetings

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2022 Awing Winning New Year's Greetings

Dear customers, partners and friends who care about the development of Aoweiying:

Happy New Year everyone!

The year 2021 that is about to pass has allowed us to witness many events that will go down in history. The global epidemic continues to occur repeatedly, the global economy has been violently shaken, and China-US relations have experienced ups and downs. Under the impact of many unexpected factors and the rapid growth of superimposed demand, 2021 is a turbulent year for the global integrated circuit industry. If you summarize the integrated circuit industry in 2021 in one word, it is "shortage", and the entire integrated circuit industry chain is in short supply. Whether it is automobiles, new energy, mobile phones, consumer electronics, home appliances, etc., almost all application fields lack chips; Whether it is single-chip microcomputer, power supply chip, communication chip, etc., almost all types of chips are missing; Regardless of equipment, materials, production capacity, and talents, almost all industrial elements are lacking.

2021 is also a major development opportunity for China's integrated circuit industry. In 2021, as the first year of China's 2035th Five-Year Plan, the National People's Congress and the National People's Congress adopted the "Outline of the <>th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of the People's Republic of China and the Long-Range Objectives Through the Year <>" at the beginning of the year, raising the integrated circuit industry to the basic core position related to national security and development.

In 2021, under the background of complex environments at home and abroad, China's integrated circuit industry will turn crisis into opportunity. The domestic chips, which were difficult to apply and promote before, have valuable application opportunities because of the shortage of imported chips; The heavy asset and long-term integrated circuit investment, which was not favored by the capital market before, has become a hot investment direction; The integrated circuit major, which was not welcomed by students before, and was bitter and tiring, has become a popular major in the college entrance examination and postgraduate entrance examination.

In 2021, for the young Aoweiying partnership team, it will take advantage of the east wind and gain a lot. We have exceeded the set goals set at the beginning of the year and successfully passed the national high-tech enterprises and young eagle enterprises; Successfully developed the microwave plasma cleaning machine, and officially opened the application mode in the military field; The intellectual property standard implementation system has been formed, and a total of more than 20 patents have been applied for, and 2 invention patents have been applied

Friends, 2021 is coming to an end, and 2022 is coming.

We look up at the stars. In the context of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country, we are full of hope for the country and the development of China's integrated circuit industry.

We keep our feet on the ground. In the current domestic integrated circuit industry in a hustle and bustle, we must always keep a clear mind, we are still in the initial stage of industry development, from the overall backward international advanced level to the transition from the international advanced level, the future road is very long and difficult, modest and cautious, guard against arrogance and rashness.

We don't forget our original intention. We are in the golden period of industry development, maybe our business will grow very fast, maybe our wealth will grow very fast. We expect that no matter what stage of development, we will always maintain a sense of awe for the industry, maintain a love for our work, be proactive, and never slack off.

We forge ahead. The future is bright, but the road will still be bumpy and tortuous, no success is easy, no luck is falling from the sky, in the process of moving forward, we will inevitably encounter many insurmountable obstacles. The big things in the world must be done in detail, and the difficult things in the world must be done in the easy, let us join hands, one mountain after another, one pit after another, one pit after another, Yugong moves mountains, and Jingwei reclaims.

There will be times when the wind and waves will be long, and the clouds will sail into the sea. The great changes of a century have begun, are you ready?