Warm congratulations to our company on successfully becoming a selected enterprise for the 2022 chick selection in Wuxi City

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Announcement of the evaluation and selection results of Wuxi Chiying Enterprise, Gazelle Enterprise, and Quasi Unicorn Enterprise in 2022

Recently, it was learned from the pipe network of Wuxi Science and Technology Bureau that in order to strengthen the classified support and targeted cultivation of innovative enterprises, according to the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government's "Policy Opinions on Supporting the High-quality Development of Modern Industries" (Xi Wei Fa [2021] No. 59) and the "Notice of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau on Organizing and Carrying out the Evaluation and Selection of Young Eagle Enterprises, Gazelle Enterprises and Quasi-Unicorn Enterprises in Wuxi in 2022" (Xi Kegao [2022] No. 212), after enterprise declaration, recommendation by local competent authorities, expert review, After a comprehensive review and approval by the office meeting of the director of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the evaluation and selection results of the 2022 Wuxi Eagle Enterprises, Gazelle Enterprises, and Quasi-Unicorn Enterprises are now publicized. Wuxi Aoweiying Technology Co., Ltd. is impressively listed, since our company has become a high-tech enterprise, the company's management attaches great importance to the company's property rights and business growth, from many aspects of planning patent applications, reasonable financial arrangements, and rapid growth of the main business, which has further enhanced the company's growth and industry competitiveness, and laid a solid foundation for the company's next step of planning.