Specific maintenance of online plasma cleaning machine

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Specific maintenance of online plasma cleaning machine

Specific maintenance of in-line plasma cleaning machine:

1. Self-check the oil level of the vacuum pump and the purity of the oil, self-check the oil level of the vacuum pump and the purity of the oil every month, and observe the oil level window. When the oil level is close to the lowest red line scale, add it between the top and bottom of the oil red marking; Observe the color of the oil. Normal oil is clean and transparent. When the oil is turbid (the oil color turns gray or the oil level window is blurred) and the noise of the vacuum pump is abnormal, replace the vacuum oil in time.

2. The on-line plasma cleaning machine cleans the reaction chamber. First, wipe the vacuum chamber with a absorbent cotton cloth dipped in absolute ethanol (commonly known as alcohol) (do not wipe the reaction chamber with ethanol to observe the glass). The second chamber introduces gas (argon + oxygen or nitrogen + oxygen), and the residue in the chamber is removed by plasma reaction. At least once a month, the removal period is about 10 minutes.

3. The plasma cleaning machine should check the integrity of the plastic pipe and the sealing of the vacuum body, and the integrity of the self-inspection equipment. After the reaction chamber has been completely cleaned, contaminants should not leak into the cavity. Self-check whether the sealing strip of the reaction chamber door is loose. Check whether each gas pipeline is connected tightly and whether it is aging.

4. Check whether the voltage of the vacuum plasma cleaning machine of the power supply matches the equipment.