Cavity type plasma cleaning machine



AW-P series cavity plasma cleaning machine

Product Features<br> Compact structure and small footprint<br> Good vacuum tightness to ensure stable cleaning<br> Parallel electrode plate method, the spacing can be adjusted to suit the size of the cleaning workpiece<br> User-friendly interface, easy to operate and maintain<br> Reliable performance, good interlocking, fault alarm and real-time monitoring<br> A shielding system is installed at the rear end of the cavity to avoid electromagnetic radiation<br> Process selective removal of contaminants<br> Can store multiple sets of recipes at the same time, call it<br> The whole process process is controllable, and various process parameters can be set, modified and monitored online.

AW-P00X Series Cavity Plasma Cleaning Machine (R & D Experimental Type)

Product Features<br> Compact structure, small footprint<br>Simple and friendly operation interface, suitable for Chinese habits<br>Good cleaning effect, comparable to automatic onbrne plasma cleaning machine<br>Flexible configuration, good cost performance<br>Suitable for factory R & D brnes, scientific research laboratories or factory production brnes with low capacity requirements